IncrediBILL has a computer career spanning 30+ years. His very first program, A Basic Z-80 Disassembler, that he wrote on his TRS-80 Model I was published by 80-US Journal. He used that publication as his resume to get his first programming job with Beatty Electronics in 1980 and he’s been designing software ever since. Bill’s career has included serial startups such as Lotus cc:Mail, Tallgrass Technologies, Breakthrough Software and more as well as a long list of high profile consulting jobs for Compaq, Amdahl, Seimens/Rolm, and vetting companies for  VCs.

Currently, when he’s not trying to avoid the pitfalls of modern medical science, IncrediBILL is bootstrapping CrawlWall and LinkScrubber while doing some contract work on the side, just ask if you need something done, he’s a programming whore.

This page will probably be replaced with more narcissistic ramblings later.

One thought on “About IncrediBILL

  1. Hey Bill,

    I sit on the other side of the spectrum, the MS tour. The view from here is no different I can assure you
    Love your stuff. Would say..’Bloody Marble Juice’.

    Interested to see what you tackle next. It’s been quiet on your front line for a while, WP is still being hassled by mob attacks and drive-by hacking, but the world is still turning 😉


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