Been busy as hell which is why I haven’t posted in almost 2 months. I was away at Clifton Park, NY for several weeks at Internet Marketing Ninja’s Headquarters. I stayed just a few blocks from the office and the daily commute was a real bitch, longest minute of my life ever spent on a road. There were 2 minutes a day wasted I’ll never get back.

If you can’t tell that I’m being sarcastic, turn back now, here’s a site more your speed.

Looked around at the local housing market and found a few rental places I could see living in before buying another house. The only problem is that even the upscale places with the granite, nice cabinets and stainless steel appliances DON’T HAVE A FUCKING ICE-MAKER! Assholes. Some of them also put the microwave on the counter top wasting valuable space instead of mounting them over the stove. Idiots. Doesn’t matter, nobody has much of anything available to rent, it’s worse than Silicon Valley in that regard.

Other than the housing situation, had a fine time in NY as everyone was nice. Couldn’t ask for a more down to earth town compared to all the snobs and users around Silicon Valley. If you can’t do something for people in the Valley, included but not limited to getting them a better paying job with gobs of stock options, they don’t want to be your fucking friend.

Maybe it’s time we’re moving to NY as I’ve had my fill of the crap that goes on in the Valley. People chirping the latest development methodologies like it means anything. If you don’t know the latest development craze that someone cooked up overnight you’re a has-been around here no matter how much product you can code and get out the door.

I’m sure software developers in Manhattan would have the same bad attitudes but so far they don’t seem to have infected upstate New York.

The most interesting thing I ran across in my travels was the Blue Tooth integration between my phone and the rented Toyota Camry. Very cool. After a simple installation, when you turn on the car it activates your phone and starts streaming music, downloading your contact list and the phone is hands free from the dash. It was the easiest and most reliable car to phone integration I’ve experienced yet.

I’ve tried various smart phone integration with rental cars in the past and the Ford Edge claimed to connect via Blue Tooth but didn’t do anything when I tried. Tried the USB port on a Chrysler Town and Country a couple of years ago and it just downloaded all my MP3’s to play and nothing else. It was USB 1.0 too so it was slower than shit. Overall, the Camry had the best experience with no documentation needed, paired our phones with the car and 2 clicks later it was running the phone remotely. Very nice.

Still, all of these vehicles seem to lack the simplest interface of all: A GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING JACK! How hard is it to present an AUX jack for playing sound from ANY device as not all of my MP3 players have Blue Tooth or any of the other shit they require. The most universal interface used by all phones, MP3 players, DVD players, laptops, and even ancient transistor radios is the common JACK. Costs about a dollar in bulk from China. Buy a few million of them and use them you cheap car building bastards.

More later…

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