The ancient California redwood trees, the tallest growing things, have rings that clearly show the repeated history of drought in California but the powers that run this place are too ignorant to look at that historical record and plan accordingly.

This is the second major drought I’ve lived though since I’ve been in California and after the last drought subsided I was completely against lifting the water restrictions but green lawns are way more important than drinking water or flushing your toilet.

Hell, I even went to my homeowners association when they were landscaping and insisted they install drought resistant desert plants instead of more Midwestern style landscaping.

Did they listen?

Oh hell no. They ripped out a huge patch of ice plants and replaced it with grass a couple of years ago. This grass is now dying, along with my investment in the landscaping which is run by people that are either oblivious or in denial that they LIVE IN A FUCKING DESERT!

Green lawns should be against the law unless it’s artificial. But that won’t happen because the idiots running the state won’t do anything to piss off their constituents that clearly don’t have the common sense that God, assuming such existed, gave a goose!

When the drought ends the restrictions should remain until the lakes, reservoirs and aquifers and back to 100% and even then is shouldn’t be squandered because you simply cannot count on that water coming back the next year.

If the state of California wishes to actually survive and thrive and not become a deserted ghost state, they should start planning where to capture and save even more water than ever before. Even if it’s not all potable water, we need all we can get for other purposes which usually just runs into the bay.
I’m sure my words will fall on deaf ears yet again because keeping the green lawn crowd happy is more important than actually doing what must be done, making the hard decisions, and stopping the water waste when we have abundance.

They forget we lose a lot to evaporation too so it’s not just human consumption, it simply vaporizes into the air.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

People need to start investing in new technology such as the atmospheric water generator and bring the prices down to under $1K so your average homeowner can afford them. The problem is these expensive devices only generate about 2-5 gallons of water each day. Hardly enough for showers, washing machines, dish washers, etc. but at least it’s enough to drink, cook and maybe flush a high efficiency toilet ~1.2 gallons once or twice if you’re lucky.

We could be building desalination plants which would quickly add massive amounts of water back into the drained California water supply. Unfortunately the ecofreaks try to stop this measure as they’d water watch the state dry up and blow away.

So what should California do to protect it’s future?

  • Build several desalination plants across the state
  • Get personal atmospheric water solutions down in price so people can supply their own drinking water for a reasonable fee.
  • Increase the storage capability for future rains and snow melts
  • Increase the water capture capability as millions of gallons of water just runs into the bay and ocean
  • Ban outdoor landscaping that isn’t drought resistant desert plants
  • Ban outdoor car washes and other water wasters that doesn’t recycle or use waste water
  • Don’t lift water restrictions when the water supply fills up because we know from history that it will become empty once more.
  • Water conservation needs to become the status quo, not an emergency measure

There may be other obvious things I’m missing but the point is we can’t simply go back to the “way it was before the drought” when the water supply returns, if it returns. History has shown this is not a wet area and never will be so we need to deal with this rationally and not pretend we live in the Midwest because we don’t!

Sadly I know this plea for common sense water management will fall on deaf ears again and eventually this state will crumble under it’s on unsustainable water consumption.

Given the political climate, we’re doomed to repeat this situation over and over because permanent conservation isn’t popular and desalination won’t set well with the eco freaks.

Bye bye California, it was nice knowing you before you dry up and blow away.

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