I’m getting cataract surgery in just a couple of weeks but as my eyes have rapidly gotten worse I had an epiphany, the world kind of looks like impressionistic paintings.

This made me think, were those original modern artists geniuses or just suffering from cataracts?

My world looks like an impressionist painting so it makes sense that if I were a painter I’d probably paint what I see, which looks just like impressionistic paintings.

Maybe if there was cataract surgery a couple of hundred years ago modern art wouldn’t have slipped into the age of blurry crap you can’t quite make out no matter how hard you squint.John Wick: Chapter 2 live streaming film online

Then I got another epiphany that any artist that wants to learn impressionism only needs to buy a pair of contact lenses that mimic severe cataracts and just paint what you see.

Always looking for the silver lining on that cloud, assuming I could see either the silver lining or the cloud at this point!

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