For those that don’t know what quantum entanglement is the simplest way to describe it is two particles that behave exactly the same, regardless of their distance. They’re like twins, you change one and they both change. Unfortunately it’s not quite that simple (yet) or we’d probably already have quantum phones, tvs and more already.

However, let’s not let modern limitations slow us down and proceed like the problems have been solved and explore what this phenomena could be used for in future civilization.

Much like a science fiction writer, I’m constantly mulling around the bleeding edge of science and how it might impact technology and our future as a species. Maybe someday I’ll even branch out and write some science fiction but I find cranking out long blog posts somewhat tedious which is why anything the length of a short story will probably never happen, but who knows. Until then, this is as close as you’re going to get for any scifi from IncrediBill so soak it up.

Anyway, the latest thing to catch my attention and the topic of this blog post is quantum entanglement, which could be the biggest breakthrough since the telephone or telegraph, possibly even bigger than fire, if they can just figure out how to make it useful. Sadly, it’s eluding some of the brightest minds around trying to figure out how to turn this phenomenon into a communications medium.

After reading all about it I think it might already exist: IN NATURE!

There have been many anecdotal reports about twins that can sense each other, so many in fact that it’s beyond mere coincidence. Such shared events include sensing the other having heart atttacks across vast distances, or as silly as buying the same exact thing at the same time, or other ESP-like oddities. Could twins simple be quantum entangled?

More importanly, could all of us theoretically be entangled via DNA as it splits?

A very personal thing, that if it hadn’t actually happened to me, I wouldn’t have believed it. I was sitting at work and suddenly got ice cold, shivering, like I was getting massively sick and suddenly it passed as fast as it started right before I was about to go home sick. I knew something was very wrong but I didn’t know what. The phone rang about an hour or so later and I was told this very close family member had passed away. I told them about that incident at that time and sure enough, that’s when the family member died. [insert Twilight Zone theme here] I’m not alone in this as people have reported knowing when relatives have passed since record time.

Did I really sense my family member passing or was it something else? Hard to say, but the timing of the events was way more than coincidence.

For the record, if you’re rolling your eyes about ESP and such, I’m a man of science, not hocus pocus, so if something happens there has to be a reason for it, a scientific reason for it, and just because we don’t understand it today doesn’t mean it’s not possible and won’t be easily explained in the future. Either that, or there’s just a lot of coincidences going on and we associate them together when no real association exists. Either is possible but now that we know about quantum entanglement, let’s explore it as a possible explanation.

Scientists may scoff at my suggestions today simply because they have to use extreme technology to create a quantum entangled particle, but they really don’t understand them yet and anything is possible and it’s the closest thing to explaining many unexplainable phenomenon if it exists and can be easily manipulated.

FWIW, let’s assume if it’s not what we currently call quantum entanglement it’s something very similar the eggheads have yet to discover. It’s always possible they’re on the right track with the wrong particle, but I digress, back to entangled issues.

Which brings up some very interesting questions:

  • Is DNA quantum entangled?
  • If so, is DNA always quantum entangled or only¬† sometimes?
  • Is actual ESP simply the ability to sense quantum entanglement?

If you think about it, theoretically we all evolved from the same set of humans starting in Africa so if DNA is ever proven to be quantum entangled and the same entanglements somehow are passed from generation to generation, there already is a sort of collective consciousness which may only be perceived by our subconscious or in our sleep. This would explain how many people tend to come up with nearly identical ideas at the same time from opposite sides of the planet called multiple discovery.

By now some might be wondering why quantum entanglement is such a big deal, so what if it proves how ESP works, assuming ESP exists in the first place.

Let’s assume quantum entanglement is real, the scientists finally figure out how to use it to sense the particle state changing and we could modulate it, what does that do for me?

Imagine a future with no cell towers, no TV towers, no radio antennas, and possibly no cable TV, wired or wireless internet and the end of communications satellites as well. Suddenly all this technology gets a hell of a lot cheaper and theoretically takes a lot less energy to power. Imagine suddenly you have the ability to transmit data instantly with no latency around the world. Instant communications with no infrastructure of cables or wireless transmitters would be a major change in the landscape we know today, it would be a total game changer.

if you could make a small chip that empowered quantum entangled communications, you could simply remove the crystal from a walkie talkie and replace it with the quantum equivalent component and it no longer has an operation distance limit. Heck, it might even allow the operators to communicate between the Earth to the Moon, Mars, or maybe even the stars.

Let’s face it, without such a loophole in physics to allow instant communications in space, ala Star Trek’s sub-space radio, we wouldn’t be able to communicate with any spaceship that goes to the stars with any level of practicality, if at all.

Nasa is actually working on a real-life Warp drive, if it works, which could take us to a new planet theoretically in mere weeks instead of many decades using modern propulsion systems. If the humans actually get to their destication it would still take decades to get a message home using traditional communications methods. If you had a functioning quantum entangled communications device theoretically you could communicate in real-time back to Earth unless there is some distance limitations to the technology we don’t know about yet.

Just in case entanglement in a big bust, the easiest way to communicate with someone on a nearby star would be a warp drive powered message relay system. People on Earth and the destination planet would be sending warp-drive message relays back and forth if it proved to be practical.

Perhaps all of this explains why we’ve never gotten any messages at the SETI listening stations is because:

  • Signal strength is too weak to reach Earth
  • There was too much static due to their star and they never used radio waves, only directly wired transmissions
  • Perhaps they use quantum entangled communications which if you weren’t entangled, you couldn’t receive in the first place

Other thoughts that cross my mind are that we, as a civilization, have only been broadcasting radio for a little over 100 years and are on the brink of possibly embarking on a whole new technology that isn’t detectable. It’s possible another civilization followed the same path and we simply missed their radio era or they discovered entanglement first and never used radio waves.

Then again, it’s possible other planets never had the cycle of extinction and rebirth or a higher level of intelligence that happened on the Earth and they’re all full of dinosaurs still chasing and eating one another.

Imagine one more time that The Church still ran everything and Marconi, much like Galileo before him, was called a blasphemer and punished for creating radio to “talk to god”. If such crazy backwards thinking grips alien planets like it has Earth multiple times, maybe superstition is hobbling their science to this very day.

Anything is possible but I’d like to think it’s the more advanced technology situation being why we don’t hear any noise in space and if quantum entanglement can be made to work we might even figure out how to tune into other entangled particles anywhere in the universe just like tuning a radio dial for various frequencies.

Who knows, we might discover there’s an entangled version of the internet on an intergalactic scale and that’s how all the other aliens communicate with one another.

Otherwise, without such loopholes, everything we know using traditional communications means we’re so far away that we’re just isolated from the rest of the universe by the laws of physics.

This is one case where I hope scientists figure out how to break a few laws and some aliens out there were smart enough to do the same.

Otherwise, assuming warp-drive can actually be made to work, the best we could do would be to send a bunch of drones around the galaxy looking for broadcasts and return home with a recording when it finds one.

Back to to initial topic, if we discover human DNA entangles us all by default, then perhaps the simplest way to make quantum entangled communications would be to better understand what capabilities we’re born with and see if we can’t figure out how to enhance or boost those quantum abilities that nature gave us.

Oh, what an entangled web we weave 😉




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