I was sitting in my living room this evening watching the big screen TV, which is in every room, and reading the tablet, not a book, when it hit me like a ton of bricks. The prophetic Ray Bradbury book Fahrenheit 451 was rapidly coming true. Not to mention the surveillance camera of George Orwell’s 1984 was silently blinking at me from my Play Station 3 across the room, plus the camera on my netbook, tablet, cell phone, etc. but I digress from the topic of censorship.

Just remember that Bradbury envisioned, or predicted if you will, that the government or corporations would be telling us what they wanted us to know on big glowing screens on our walls and thanks to HDTV that’s now a reality. We’ve welcomed it into our homes and with prices dropping and a wave of old first generation hand-me-down HDTVs they are now in the living rooms of everyone and messages beamed right into the suggestive minds of millions by the minute.

While reading, on the other hand, is such old news that the real news organizations aren’t surviving the switch to the internet and HDTV and newspapers are folding all over the country. There are other factors involved, including Walmart driving out small papers that used to thrive in small communities, but the end result is paper is out, digital is in, and books are on the endangered species list.

The government didn’t start this technlogical transition from print to online, but they could ultimately benefit in ways we won’t necessarily like but Ray’s book covers that. Go read it while you can still find it and Kindle doesn’t recall it.

Ray Bradbury’s tale of the future where books are burned by the Fire Dept. isn’t exactly what’s happening, but books are ironically all being burned into a Kindle Fire. The government isn’t confiscating or burning books but the public is freely giving up the old printed material in favor of lighter more resource friendly digital media. That’s the rub as there is no hard copy for all this digital media which is easily filtered or erased.

The government didn’t have to take our books away from us like they did in Bradbury’s cautionary tale, we’ve given them up for their digital equivalents. However, that doesn’t mean that the ‘book burning’ censorship of Bradbury’s tome won’t come to pass because blocking content on the internet is as easy as clicking the DELETE key or applying a filter on the backbone of the internet to block it from downloading.

Kindle Fire has already recalled books so we know they have the technology and in this case it was applied to correct an error.

What happens the day the recall is used to censor the first book, or more likely, an opposing political candidate?

Nobody raised hell about it and insisted that the ability was removed like they did about privacy and tracking cookies on the internet. Apparently privacy is important but the ability to censor us at the click of a button or flip of a switch is OK. The lack of action and continued purchase of these devices by the public without this correction is, in my opinion, appalling.

Just ask China how easy it is to keep undesirable material away from their countrymen as they already have applied massive censorship firewalls on the web to ensure only authorized content is read by all the residents. Dissidents that think otherwise are dealt with harshly.

Will that kind of Fahrenheit 451 censorship filter down to the United States?

It already has but it’s candy coated so-called journalism biased to bend your opinion while your books. which could be written by just anyone with any opinion or agenda <gasp!>, are being silently carried away to landfills.

Just beware that the devices you buy to read this news may not allow you to read it in the near future and can already recall what you’re reading today.

Also, when will the government start spying on you through all those cameras in every device in your house under the guise of security? But I digress again from the topic of censorship. 🙂watch full Rings 2017 film

Yes, I drifted a little and I’m kind of all over the map but it’s late and this is a RANT!Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)




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