The water condition in California is critical, has been an issue a couple of times in the 25 years I’ve lived here including rationing. Yet the politicians won’t do anything to keep us from getting into a real crisis mode until it’s too late to pull back from the blatant waste of water for a desert state. Don’t upset the people, give them what they want just to get votes when anyone with half a brain knows what we’re doing is ultimately unsustainable and is just as big of a ticking time bomb as the fault lines that criss-cross this state causing non-stop quakes.

Reminds me of how the airline industry didn’t want to inconvenience passengers until thousands paid the price the day planes flew into the Twin Towers.

However, if the California drought and water crisis, the worst which has exceeded 200 years of drought, gets too far out of control it will impact millions and not only destroy the state’s economy but perhaps put the entire nation in the toilet. The worst part is we won’t have the water left to flush that toilet. Without abundant supplies of water you can’t grow food year round in California nor can you keep millions of people alive. If the water goes, so goes the people because we’ll get gouged when bottled water prices skyrocket as it actually gets imported instead of just filtering the local tap water from the fountain at the mall. People will be in for a big shock.

Obviously we won’t survive a 200 year drought without drastic measure like desalinization plants, the power infrastructure to power such operations, and more. It’s technically all possible and based on the history of this state having easily sustained 10-20 year droughts the fact that nobody is addressing the issue before it’s too late boggles the mind. True, the eco-freaks won’t be happy but you can’t make them happy no matter what you do so fuck ’em. They rest of us wouldn’t mind continued prosperity and an infrastructure to support basic human needs like food, drink and sanitation as a minimum.

A little background helps about now as I live in the wonderful land of California near San Francisco in some of the best weather on the planet with my city sitting in a micro-climate that averages about 70F all year. You can drive in any direction from my house and hit other micro-climates that are always colder or hotter than hell so on a warm summer day where it’s about 80F it can be a chilly 65F on the SF coast or 100F in San Jose. Crazy shit!

Anyway, we live in a desert and the Arctic currents chilling the ocean and keeping my house in a Goldilocks zone of weather, a sweet spot of not too hot, not too cold, doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a fucking desert and drier than shit. Just because we’re surrounded by water doesn’t mean it’s usable water, it’s salt water, so unless we do some desalinization all that water I see daily in every direction I turn is ironically deadly and useless.

The wackos that live around here think they live in Kansas City or Chicago and have lush green lawns they dump tons of DRINKABLE water on daily, plus trees that change with the seasons like they do in the Midwest which is a waste of resources cleaning up after that mess plus all the water lost in the piles of leaves that annually die. Nuts!

We should be using native vegetation, stuff that is drought resistant and water friendly. All new landscaping using the water hogs should simply be banished but the politicians don’t have the balls to do what needs to be done. They prefer to be voted into office regardless of whether or not the general population knows what’s good for them because the masses can’t see past their need to water the lawn.


I don’t have a problem with lawns as long as you’re using non-potable water, perhaps drain water run-off or filtered bath water, all perfectly fine to dump on the lawn. But not our fresh drinking water just so your dog has a big plot of green grassland to facilitate dropping a deuce so you can proudly carry it in a steamy plastic bag but I digress.

The bottom line is we’re still below average and even these little showers which will bring us back from the brink of disaster won’t be enough to just use without concern what will happen with next years rainfall.

Even if the reservoirs were overflowing this year it might not be next and the only way to make sure we could sustain a multi-year drought to start with would be to stop dumping it on the ground NOW!

  1. End of green lawns, switch to low-water vegetation and low-water drought resistant trees
  2. Reduce the water allocation per building to what actually supports the people inside, not the piles of decorative plants surrounding the premises.
  3. Start watering existing landscape with recycled non-potable water only
  4. Invest in salt-desalinization plants that can augment our water supply but this should be strictly used only for human consumption or food production, not watering the damn lawns.
  5. Ban all car washes unless they use non-potable water or recycled car wash water.
  6. Any other water waste, BANNED, etc.

More importantly, don’t just let people pave over the previously green spaces because they did that in Phoenix and now the heat escalates every year to record highs putting a massive strain on the grid because the pavement locks the ground heat in and doesn’t release it nightly like it did before allowing a natural cooling process to occur. So in Phoenix they just keep piling on more resources to generate more and more electricity instead of tearing out the pavement and dealing with dusty cars. Fucking morons.

The solutions are simple and most of them inexpensive but since people don’t prefer them, we continue to go head first into an easily averted disaster.

Forget 49ers in the SuperBowl, Dust Bowl anyone?

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