I must not be loved any more because not only did the bots grind to a near halt, as reported previously, the automated spam suddenly stopped all together!

It’s been nearly a month now since I’ve had a single comment spam.

Did they figure out my anti-spam was bulletproof?

Did they just get bored and go away since they got no return on their spams?

Maybe they got shut down, that would be nice but I doubt it.

Anyone care to speculate?


One thought on “The Comment Spam Stopped!

  1. No idea… I was just, once again, trying to decide what to do, if anything, about all the “visitors” to my sites. Wondering at the cost of 404’s vs 403’s on the server. The server says, if you don’t bother to deny access to anything or anyone It’s not a problem for us.

    If I didn’t have to look at it all in logs, or deal with harvesters might turn up and use later, I’d rather not wade through the logs looking for, and checking, ips to find the bad sites and data centers

    Anyway, didn’t really expect to find anything and until I have time to learn how to write some script my only options are denying access, or not… I’m growing more and more weary. Critter fatigue


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